How do I get help?
Please speak to the Recording Brother or Secretary at your home ecclesia in the first instance. They may be able to help you locally, and will get in touch with us for additional support if necessary. All requests are treated in the strictest confidence.

I have a problem which I’m too embarrassed to talk to the brothers and sisters in my ecclesia about. Can I approach CBF directly?
We’re sorry, but you must go through your ecclesia. Usually this will be your Recording Brother, but your ecclesia may have a brother or sister responsible for welfare matters who you could speak to. CBF deal with all cases in the strictest confidence.

I’m a Recording Brother and a brother and/or sister in my meeting are in need of help. Who do I contact?
You should contact the Secretary, Neville Moss, by phone (01473 681169 or 07836 736062) or email (wmoss@uwclub.net) or by writing to 27 Badgers Bank, Ipswich, IP2 9EN. Usually all we need is a brief factual report, with an assessment of what help has been given or could be available elsewhere (eg. Is the brother or sister concerned getting all the benefits they’re entitled to; can other family members help; can the ecclesia help). If there’s a shortfall CBF will normally be able to make up what is lacking. We usually make a decision and make the funds available to the ecclesia for disbursement in a matter of days. CBF deal with all cases in the strictest confidence.

Do you provide help only to older people?
No, CBF helps brothers and sisters in need and their families regardless of age.

Is the Holiday Scheme restricted to Bible Schools?
No, the main purpose of the Holiday Scheme is to give brothers and sisters in need a holiday. Current grants (for 2014) are £300 per person per week for up to two weeks for accommodation and £200 per person for travel.
We do help a number of Bible Schools by meeting part of the costs of any subsidy they give to families and those unable to afford the full cost.

I need a period of respite care but can’t afford the cost – can you help?
Yes, the Holiday Scheme can also be used for respite care. Your Recording Brother will have the form to use. We recommend CCH Homes for quality care in the company of other brothers and sisters. Please contact the home manager or the CCH Admissions Supervisor (details are in the CALS Diary) to check on availability.

Can you help with my fuel and water bills?
Yes, we have Fuel and Water bills schemes. Your Recording Brother will have the forms. Current grants (for 2013/14) are £275 for fuel and £200 for water.

I’m getting older and/or I’m in ill health and would like nursing or residential care in a CCH Home, but I can’t afford the cost. Can you help?
You should contact the CCH Admissions Secretary to decide which Home is best for you and the level of care you need. CCH will carry out a detailed financial assessment and will let us know each quarter if there’s a shortfall in the cost of your care.

How can I help?
There are lots of ways to get involved. You can make a one-off donation, or set up a regular payment. Better still, if you’re a UK tax payer you could Gift Aid your donation. Please contact the Treasurer for more information. Make sure your ecclesia has regular collections for CBF. You could organise a fundraising event and we would be happy to arrange for one of our Trustees to come and make a presentation. Please contact the Secretary, Neville Moss, for more information.

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